About the Database

NutriGenDB is a comprehensive database of nutrigenetic markers mined and curated from peer-reviewed literature. This resource fulfills the unmet need for a systematically curated resource and ready reference for nutrigenetic variants to enable functional analysis, genomic interpretation and enable epidemiological studies.

The present resource includes over 400 annotations from over 250 publications in the field encompassing a wide variety of nutritional traits and molecules .

The database is accessible for academic use, and may not be used for clinical interpretation.

Database Statistics

Number of data: 404
Genes: 161
variations: 248

Example Search:

Gene   PPARA,  TBX5,  BUD13,  IL6,  ODC 
PubMedID   16288935,  22170361,  22334790,  22414759,  21736789 
rsID rs1800206,  rs7801406,  rs1799983,  rs1801133,  rs1052700 
Associated Disease   Cardiovascular disease,  Obesity,  Hypertension,  Atherosclerosis 
Functionality type   Intron,  Missense,  3` UTR variant,  Upstream variant 2KB